R-Les Beats Down the Bowery



Beyond being a Harvard heavyweight with credentials to crush Wall Street, Ryan Leslie’s marriage to music is bonded by a creative covenant umatched by most of today’s tardy trendsetters turning to auto-tune, outsourced hooks, and other magical alternatives to being original. Foregoing the six-figure suit and tie salary that seems to follow an Ivy League degree, Leslie HUSTLED HARD, stretched a loan, stayed humble and took a chance on himself. And in a musical era where passion has seemed to lose much of its potency, any emergence of true talent, sheer love for the art, and of course, great music, must be embraced, appreciated and supported. So, in the case of this rising icon, it’s only right to pay reverance to a new age star with the potential revolutionize the industry for generations to come.

The Harlem heirs heavily trafficked In-Studio YouTube Live Sessions  showcase his raw and inspiring ability to create classic cuts from scratch, producing every element of each record. All tracks on both his debut and sophmore projects, Ryan Leslie and Transitions, were Executive Produced, Written, and Performed by Leslie. R-Les has also earned a track record for ripping the roof off live venues in the states and across the World. Seeing him perform twice first-hand, the show is CRAZY. His sets are sure to draw fresh fits, beautiful people, eclected crowds, an electric energy, and a vibe that rocks from the street to the sidewalk.  

R-Les and his live band are slated to light up the legendary Bowery Ballroom June 22nd.  Click the link and follow for more info and Pre-Sale tickets. 18+  

Bravo to the Bold. Cheers to the Creative. Ode to the Original.

Check him out creating the smash “Addiction” ft. Cassie :

Multitude is NYC

— @allthingsmitch


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