Creative Constructs

A comfortable home is a desire shared by anybody whose professionally couch surfed, suffered the closing walls of a college dorm, doubled up in the same bed as your cousin, or simply wish to have a stable place to raise a family. THEN..there are the cribs that are so creatively innovative you just may leave the rooms empty. Peep these unique Avante-Garde styled designs–

The “PaperHouse”

Artist Don Chulo created this entire apartment with the use of ONLY cardboard and paper. This project Chulo entitled Casa de Karton, displays a variety of unconventional furniture, hand-crafted drawings and paintings, as well as a paper-made car crash. –How Ill is That–the Question is rhetorical.

“Stapled Walls”

The intruiging art designs seen on the wall of this room were constructed using exactly 35,000 STAPLES! Created by the artist Baptiste Debombourg and inspired by renaissance art, this abstract concept took 75 hours to complete.

 “Glass House”

This uniquely designed home resting in The Netherlands was birthed from the vision of the group Wiel Artes Architects. The abstract curvature of the home and overall presence make it a fun and complex pattern to unravel, as the glass exterior also acts as a reflective mirror to all natural life outside. #DOPE

“Beach House”

This beautiful beachside residence resides in Southern California, along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The design is a fusion of modern artistic flavor with a touch of classical comfort to add a modest, soothing feel to the home. Crafted by Richard Meier & Partners–The Outside is CRAZY.

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