Fast Forward–>>

Too much  foot traffic on the  train–Too many cars on the Westside highway–Too great of weather to be trapped inside–#PEEPTHESE Asap! These futuristic cycles take conventional transportaion and fast forward the dynamics to make anyone pedaling one of these pimped-out treasures highspeed.

“A-BIKE”–Innovative folding bike that weighs only 5.5 kilograms (12 lb) and folds to 67×30×16 cm – small enough to fit in a backpack

URBAN Bicycle Concept–Unique foldable bike with no chains (or even chain equivalents like drive shafts). Instead, it is hydraulic powered. No chain = no grease, no hanging bits as you fold bikes, fewer parts and less maintenance.

THE POLYGON Bike— Created by Reindy Allendra

Check out the Polygon Bike HERE

Check Out these and other #DOPE Bike designs at TOXEL.COM

— @allthingsmitch

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