PERSU Greatness

Many major automotive manufacturers have taken noticeable strides toward completely revolutionizing the contemporary model of their vehicles to be more environmentally safe and fuel efficient–And to further meet the pressured demands of a green-shifting economy. However, few hybrid or electric-powered vehicles have made significant statements strong enough to certify positioning in the next phase of creative design AND climate consciousness.

Then, there is the PERSU–Cutting edge appearance, intruiging build, multi-terrain maneuvering ability, with the speed and agility to feed any free ride, fast-paced fantasy. Amazing for traveling with lower emissions, available as both a Hybrid and All-Electric vehicle. Classified as a flagship Urban Life Vehicle (ULV):

“The Persu Hybrid concept is a new class of vehicle for the urbanation of America and the most compelling and enjoyable way to join the new “Urban Nation.” –PersuMobility


  • Two Passenger (Fully Enclosed)
  • Patented Tilting Technology (Vehicle Control System)
  • Hydraulic & Mechanical Technologies for High Responsibility, Quick Response, and a Natural Driving Experience
  •  Accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 6 seconds
  •  Reaches top speed of approximately 100 mph
  • Achieves fuel economy of 75 + miles per gallon
  • Provides an all electric range of at least 20 miles
  • Provides a total driving range at least 400 miles
          on a six-gallon tank of gas

#PEEP More about the PERSU and watch a Demo Video at

— @allthingsmitch


One Response to “PERSU Greatness”

  1. Let’s get some and stunt on Hollywood boulevard haha…But on a serious note. Though this is an innovative way to look at driving, I’m not sure that the design would ever catch on with a mainstream culture because it seems very small, compact and that may not emanate the right kind of “luxury” that some people look for in their vehicle….But that is all made up in their fuel efficiency and environmental friendly innovations

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