The LEAK–Motorola Droid X

Most of us aware of the atmosphere in today’s mixtape heavy music industry– understanding the need for talented artists to produce mass material at a rapid rate to keep fans, critics, and  potential supporters alike interested and anticipating the drop date. As a result, it is so often the case that proud producers and artist affiliates may spill a track to the public before its due date. The outcome can prove remarkable or an unfortunate failure depending on the response of the people.

Now–The infamous LEAK takes a technological turn with the exclusive images and specs of the unreleased Motorola Droid Xtreme (X). It seems Motorla has been leading the leak revolution, as their previous high-end products the Droid 2, and Droid Shadow also became visible well before expected. As the mobile market is becoming oversaturated with cutting edge devices to match the ever-changing technological developments of the time, we may soon see top phone manufacturers taking the same road as industry Executives–get the product out for free, build a strong buzz, generate a projected revenue, promote HEAVY, and pray the results meet  the hype. 

#PEEP more about the Droid Leaks and Droid X images on MobileCrunch 

From the early looks, this phone is somethin SERIOUS! — @allthingsmitch


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