Cut Canvas– The Imagery of Painter Jasper Santos

The passion of Pasadena-bred painter Jasper Santos can be witnessed bleeding effortlessly down the flat surface of his mid-life sized canvases–carved by a selection of sharp reds that sing soft sentiments of power, pleasure and pain. Offset by the hyper-real quality of his handmade pieces, the patience and precision of his work only serves as justification for the amount of thought and informative intent Jasper inserts into each artistic creation. Santos’ imagery covers a very broad spectrum of human emotion, strumming our fears, desires and conditioned consciousness–making the experience with his work a lesson of perception and perspective– forcing us to challenge ourselves and truthfully evaluate these paintings in relation to our own thoughts, passions and beliefs.  

When producing a live show in Los Angeles two years ago, I had the great pleasure of working with Jasper and members of Eagle Rock Underground to create an artistic ensemble of the traditional elements–Dj’ing, MC’ing, Dancing, Graffiti & Live Painting.  Jasper set up shop and painted pieces from scratch throughout the entire show, ending the 2 hour session with a brilliant addition to an already compelling collection. 

#PEEP parts of Jasper Santos’ portfolio and check out more at:  JasperSantos.Com

#DOPE + — @allthingsmitch


2 Responses to “Cut Canvas– The Imagery of Painter Jasper Santos”

  1. Wow this painter is extremely talented…and the prose in your writing is compelling…great post

    • Yes, Jasper is very brilliant. Watching him create each piece from scratch…concept to creation…is incredible. Definitely check out more of his work via Jasper’s Website. Glad you enjoyed the writing as well!

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