Drake Riot

Ofcourse I try to be in attendance of everything that goes on in New York City because it has so much to offer. Yesterday June.15, I was one of the thousands of people at South Street Seaport for a free concert which featured Hanson, Ninjasonik and Drake. Once I arrived there, it was craziness. After and hour and a half of nobody performing because of the overcrowding a riot started. People were pushing and throwing items from the top decks of Restaurants and fighting. It was a zoo.

I had a pretty good view of the stage and everyone thus me taking this photo with my crappy blackberry.

Long story short the cops shut it down before anyone could even perform. Too bad, it seemed like it would have been a great concert. Drake did make an official statement on the situation though.

“I am humbled by the crowd that showed up in support of my performance and the release of Thank Me Later. I love performing for my fans but unfortunately the show was canceled by the NYPD due to over crowding, leaving me without the chance to give my fans a real show. I’m thankful for the support that the fans have been giving me… I thank you now.”

He also tweeted about it.

photo and video via raprader


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