Frame by Frame–Warby Parker Collection

Being Fashion-Forward has quickly grown to integrate even the most unlikely, once geek-certified attire–small shirts, tight pants, shiny Sunday shoes on a day-to-day, and the now popularized super trend–GLASSES. From clear lens perpetrators to prescription professionals, specs have became the focal point to styling smart.

With a diversity of designs, colors, and looks, it’s now c ommon to adjust a pair of frames for both a crispier vision AND a sharper appearance.

#PEEP the Warby Parker Collection–Versatile, Ranging Styles and Frame Size, cool and classy enough to hop straight from the cornerstore to your corner office or the block to your business meeting.


Color: Sandalwood Matte


Color: Revolver Black Matte



Color: Tennessee Whiskey

Retailed at: $95.00 (Prescription Option/FREE Ground Shipping)

#Checkout more Warby Parker frame designs via the website. 

Now you SEE me…NOW you dont

— @allthingsmitch

2 Responses to “Frame by Frame–Warby Parker Collection”

  1. Cool man ……nice collections

    • Thanks, Im glad you enjoyed looking at the collection. The website has tons more–designs, styles and colors. If you wear prescription frames or like the trendy clear lenses, these are definitely a great investment.

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