Word on the Streets–French Street Artist “JR”

The brilliant works of French-born street artist JR have become wrapped in a weave of curiousity and uncertainty while infused with astounding artistic vision and conceptual magic. JR earned a trademark for pasting powerful political statements across big city walls, the exterior of trains, village rooftops, and creatively carving his consciousness into the eyes of common citizens across the globe– his identity relatively UNKNOWN. His physical identity has been much of a mystery to those encountered by his art work. Yes, I say “encountered by his art” because his painted messages travel through cordial conversations, common chats, open air and have passed throughout the cities he’s roamed. Only in his 20’s, his “large-scale wheatpastes” have been found on the subway trains in Kenya to landscapes in Brazil and Paris.

#PEEP pieces of his street portfolio:

#CHECK more of JR’s amazing prints in ComplexMag— #ARTimitatesLIFE

DOPE + — @allthingsmitch


2 Responses to “Word on the Streets–French Street Artist “JR””

  1. These are so sick it’s ridiculous

    • It AMAZING how JR conceptualizes…creates…and vanishes.–leaving people, communities, and entire villages with a powerful piece of art that brands such a strong and visible message. Out of the box and brilliant…

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