Synergy– The Work of Electro Artist Jamie Cullen

#PEEP the futuristic graphics of SynergyArt artist Jamie Cullen. Fitting in a creative lane defined as “Electro Art”, the mystical magic in Cullen’s work narrates multiple messages in the form of colorful collages–made for the viewer to search for a meaning, discover truth in the work, be energetically inspired and enjoy the essence of the hidden realities. Here are a few pieces:

“BIG BROTHER” (Inspired by Dave Orwell’s legendary novel 1984)





#CHECK more of Jamie Cullen @ :

— @allthingsmitch


2 Responses to “Synergy– The Work of Electro Artist Jamie Cullen”

  1. this kind of art it’s really interesting. I like the combination of colours. everything fits together perfectly. futuristic graphics is a little bit new for me but i like it.

    • I agree, electro art brings a fresh and unique energy to contemporary art. It can be considered somewhat Avant Garde in it’s color combinations, messaging, and non-traditional approach…and in an era of graphic art…it creates an interesting lane for future artists alike. The way it fits together shows how many different perspectives you can find in each picture. There are many more works by Jamie Cullen and others via the link. Glad you enjoyed it..

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