Hues of Haiti–Atis Rezistans Inspires Life into the People of Port-au-Prince

Only months ago–a horrific disaster devastated the plagued people of Port-au-Prince, as a life-shattering earthquake crumbled the city scapes and symbols of life for thousands of Haitian residents. The event was tragic and unsettling for the millions who witnessed concrete collapse on top of innocent adolescents and death fell upon helpless elders immobilized by threatening trauma and deteriorating health conditions.

Families detached, lost, and changed forever. Haiti–a nation historically riddled with the pain of poverty and gutted by the corruption of negligent and Beurocratic government–only experienced further transgression when culminated with the terrifying volume of violence and crime only intensified in the face of such a monstrous natural disaster.

Haiti has ALWAYS been a nation of SURVIVAL–but HOPE has ALWAYS lived in Haiti.

Only a mere four weeks preceeding the ferocious earthquake, Artis Rezistans presented the World’s First Ever “Ghetto Biennale” in the poorest neighborhood of Port-au-Prince–Winning international honor for its success. The aftermath of the earthquake claimed the studios, homes, and more-severe– the lives of many Master Artists who played an integral part in the powerful art program. In addition, many of the prized paintings and distinguished works were destroyed in the wake of the disaster.

#PEEP this Video of Atis Rezistans RIGHT AFTER the Earthquake:

As Art ignited such a spirit of hope, strength, and liberation in the Haitian people, Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat created the Angels for Haiti project, which began as a small Summer Arts program for youth in 2001–rejuventaed and evolved for the mass amount of displaced and deceased artists who were apart of Atis Rezistans. Featuring the works of children artists, Dr. Jean-Murat also continues the tradition of  Journée des Enfants Pour la Paix (Childrens Day of Peace)–Uniting over 1,000 young people for a day of art, music, food, and festivities–providing an outlet of expression and resurgence of energy for the emerging generation of Port-au-Prince.

#AMAZING –> If you would like to learn more and contribute to the cause #CHECK the SynergyArt Foundation

ART imitates Life and can also be a Source of Life.

— @allthingsmitch

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