Comedy Central: Brett and the City Chronicles a Comedy King in the Empire State

In a city that celebrates so many larger-than-life figures and frequently features even more flamboyant personalities, it’s refreshing to find someone who is simply and naturally–HILARIOUS.  No manufactured material, penned punchlines, or strategic scripts–just pure, uncensored comedy about everyday events.  That is what Brett Sanders brings to the BIG City.

From terrifying train rides, outrageous blind dates, extra “special” occasions, and the added narrative of some realer than expected streams of consciousness, the quickly emerging comedy blog is a close cross between “The Dave Chapelle Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm”–as one avid supporter makes mention.

With a loyal fan club steadily sprinting to prime-time numbers, Brett and The City seems to be collecting the Carrie craving Sex and The City cult from both an attention and demographic standpoint. (#Fellas–if you have stood outside the cinema and witnessed the women waiting in line, you would catch the next season). But, it’s all about staying true and remaining new. Brett and the City proves to be on target with both.

#PEEP Brett’s blog and catch up on his travels at BrettandtheCity.Com

— @allthingsmitch


One Response to “Comedy Central: Brett and the City Chronicles a Comedy King in the Empire State”

  1. Brett is “one in a million.” The weekly insight that he so eloquently delivers makes me laugh out loud. I look forward to his posts and definitely miss them when time doesn’t permit. Thanks Brett!

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