Passion Paved: @FrendyLemorin Hosts New Docu-Series The Yellow Brick Road [Teaser]

Quality journalism demands a distinct and seemingly rare combination of investigative vision and commanding charm to unlock the chambers of truth that withold the valuable substance capable of inspiring, challenging, educating, and leading a generation. To seize the perspective of life powerful enough to pioneer a people, words must manuever in a way that is: Bold but non-threatening–Direct but not-intrusive– Hungry but not desperate–In Control with the ability to listen.

Meet Frendy Lemorin— The fresh-faced fan favorite, whose edgy above-the-curve fashion sense, vibrant personality, and street savy spark a sharp wit and desire to dig deeper into the depths of information–making the experienced actor, aspiring renaissance man, and Bape Store billionaire a perfect fit for pushing the envelope.

His new Docu-Series The Yellow Brick Road takes viewers on an exciting and elightening tour through the lives of talented trendsetters, popular performers, inspiring intellectuals, and the adventures that fall in between.

#PEEP the teaser for The Yellow Brick Road and stay tuned in for future Episodes:


— @allthingsmitch


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