Death Before Dishonor: Memphis or DIE Mixtape

Rule number 1: NEVER forget where you come from. And as the recent Hip Hop Honors celebration highlighted Southern superstars from Atlanta to Miami–the “A” stood for Amnesia as the likes of 8 Ball & MJG, history claiming heavyweights 3-6 Mafia, and today’s top dog Tenessee talent Yo Gotti were invisible amidst the bright lights and award winning acclaim.  

The original House of Blues and steady source of musical magic for decades–the dirty south proved extra grimey for leaving out a legendary landscape that landed some of Hip Hop’s best-selling and highly-respected artists to this day.

SO–featuring an intro that combines clips,  news responses, passionate fans, and artist reactions to the neglection of Memphis from the memorable evening– forces fuse to produce Memphis or Die–the Mixtape. A clear and definitive defense to the felt disrespect.

Released today, the 27-track product showcases Memphis greats, nice newcomers, and a guestlist of Memphis supporters. #PEEP it here ((via Memphis or Die

— @allthingsmitch


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