What You Talkin’ Bout?: Twitter’s Top 10 Topics of the Week

As the notorious, often hilarious, and thankfully transparent Twitter Trending Topics take true form– political punchlines, controverial celebrities, esteemed and embarrassing individuals, high-profile events, or simply your city of residence–the #TT’s keep accounts active and followers frantic.

#PEEP the Top Ten Twitter Topics of the Week (via Mashable Social Media

1. FIFA World CUP

Hashtag for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It’s the world’s largest sporting event, where 32 countries compete for the trophy. This year it is taking place in South Africa from June 11 – July 11 2010. The World Cup happens once every four years.

2. Galvao Bueno Hoax

“Cala boca Galvão” means “Shut up Galvao.” Galvão Bueno is the name of one of the most important sportscasters in Brazil but his cheesy catchphrases and excessive patriotism lead to stupid remarks during every Brazilian soccer match. People took the phrase and twisted it into a hoax about a charity to save a rare Brazilian bird.

3. Jaden Smith

The child actor who starred in Pursuit of Happyness with his dad (Will Smith). His more recent role is in The Karate Kid which topped out in the #1 spot this weekend.

4. NBA Finals

The Los Angeles Lakers won over the Boston Celtics in game 7. Kobe Bryant was voted series MVP.

5. Nintendo

 Nintendo introduced the 3DS at the Electronics Entertainment Expo. The 3DS will feature two screens, with the top one being 3-D and the bottom one being a touchscreen.

6. Gulf Oil Spill

BP is now capturing up to 18,000 barrels a day of oil from the leaking well, but scientists have indicated as much as 60,000 barrels a day may be leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. President Obama has insisted BP set aside 20 billion dollars into a cleanup fund.

7. Twitter

Twitter has suffered significant outages in the past week, some due to buggy updates, and some due to the tremendous volume of traffic from the World Cup

8. Geissy Arruda

A Brazilian College student who suffered extraordinary hostility on campus last year for wearing a pink dress considered too short and too sexy. She’s just announced her intention to write her own autobiography, which is causing a new wave of hostility towards her.

9. Microsoft

Kinect is the new name for Project Natal which Microsoft announced at E3 last year. It is a controller-free way to play games and Microsoft believes it will revolutionize gaming.

10. Pretty Little Liars (TV SHOW)

Pretty Little Liars is a new show on ABC Family. It is based on a book series by Sara Shepard.

Twitter Me ThisTwitter Me That–Maybe the Gulf Oil Spill Should be a Little Higher than Nintendo, Jaden Smith, and the FINISHED NBA Finals #JusSayin @allthingsmitch


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