Wise Up: Will Smith/Diddy/Les Brown/50 Cent–Words of Wisdom

“Talent is natural–skill is only attained through working and beating at your craft. Your talent will FAIL you if you are not skilled”.Will Smith

Success is a concept so many strong-willed individuals seek to define through the various pathways, perspectives, and possibilities this intricate design called life places in our journey. Yet–when looking outward from the window of successful people, who find fulfillment in even the most simplistic of accomplishments shows that self-esteem is only pure if one can be appreciative of even the most miniscule of triumphs–and success is a malleable motivation left to your own definition.

Wealth, persuasive power, international influence, and distinguishment for their craft are traits Will Smith, Diddy, 50 Cent, and Les Brown all share. However, living different lives reflecting different professional paths, each has a unique perspective on what it all means. #PEEP these words of wisdom from the men themselves:





 #POWER #MINDSTRENGTH #INSPIRE — @allthingsmitch

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