Up and At It: Big Sean–High Rise Video

#PEEP the official video from XXL Freshman 10 phenom and Kanye Co-Signed G.O.O.D. Music wordsmith Big Sean“High Rise”. Produced by Don Cannon, the track is a laid back lyric-driven showcase of Sean’s smooth delivery and witty, around-the-block flow– marking a maturity in his music and steady shift into a lane of his own.

#Check Finally Famous 3 (via LiveMixtapes.Com)

— @allthingsmitch

3 Responses to “Up and At It: Big Sean–High Rise Video”

  1. I like the flow on this for sure…has the laid back feel of west coast but mixed with the wit and style of east coast…imma stay up on this guy for sure…stay up on my blog

    • Big Sean has definitely moved up in the ranks of a quality artist–you can hear the confidence and approach that shows he’s not trying to be any rapper but Big Sean. Im glad you enjoy the song/video!

  2. blackmoon Says:

    took the words right out my mouth. his music has def matured. its beautiful man. thanks for posting this man. “isnt it ironic that im in a big body, paranoid cuz every rapper named Big got bodied” whaaaaaaaat!!

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