Symbols of Power: Kanye West’s Jewelry Pieces from His BET Awards Performance(@frendylemorin)

Most of you have watched Kanye West’s legendary performance last night at the BET AWARDS and may have been wondering what were the bigger than life accessories that he was wearing. Well here’s the answer!

The Ring: It’s a bigger replica of Ambush’s Pyramid Eyeball Rings!

The Egyptian Eagle Medallion: The eagle signifies complete freedom and power. In ancient Egypt the massive wings of the eagle stood out on each side of the sun disk which represented Horus the Supreme god in Egyptian mythology.The eagle was used in the flag to signify freedom,power, bravery and air sovereignty.  This all can explain why he was performing on top of the ‘mountain’ to basically signify him soaring over and all competition.  He certainly is legendary so we can’t even blame him for that!

Guest Feature By– @FrendyLemorin


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