Thriller: Chris Brown’s Tearful Tribute to Michael Jackson (@chrisbrown)

MOVING–The memorable Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 BET Awards that showcased the cruely criticized and blatantly blackballed super-talent Chris Brown  making ammends with doubters and reclaiming much-deserved respect by pouring his passion into a  powerful performance–a mirror-image masterpiece of MJ movements and moments to match a truly magical medley that highlighted many of the King’s classics. It was without argument that Chris Breezy was by far the most suitable to stand on stage in honor of the legend, aside from the living great Usher Raymond. However, the multi-platinum megastar struggled to surpass the strife which accompanied the consequences of his domestic dispute with former girlfriend and pop-princess Rihanna. Breezy was slated to deliver a much anticipated tribute to his idol last year–extinguished following the media frenzy and formal proceedings.

Yet–Chris kept his heart in it. And walking in the resilience and light of Michael Jackson that has been a proven source of strength and inspiration for his career, he fought on for his fans and kept both eyes to the sky. Thus, it was fitting that an epic entertainment experience ended in an emotional display of mourning, humility and gratitude as Brown broke down while singing Man in the Mirror as the challenging  introspective words of MJ failed to leave his lips.

As his youthful energy and sheer gift propelled him into the spotlight as a top class stage presence–strolling on a steady path to pass his predecessors and step away as an Icon in his own right– these 6 minutes placed Brown face to face with his failures, eye to eye with his future, and heart to heart with his motivation.

Honesty heals and appreciation renders respect–Breezy seemed to receive both in this cleansing and somewhat cathartic moment. This time marked a rebirth and reformation of his image and career.

Chris Brown is back. And the stage, the fans, and the future say welcome home with open arms.


#PEEP The Performace:



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