All Falls Down: Forbes Report Shows Recession Impact & Major Decline–50 Cent/Kanye/Lil Wayne

“Slammin Bentley Doors/Hoppin Outta Porsches/Hoppin Up on Forbes List/Gorgeous/Hol’ Up” –Jay-Z “Forever Young

It is no secret that Hip Hop heavyweights have continued to earn incredible incomes despite the rise of the current recession. Mega-Mogul Jay-Z has proven even in the harshest of economic times, there are always money moves to be made and million dollar deals to be done. However,  reports that for some of the industry’s top tier, the nation’s financial downturn has placed a dent in their pockets as well. A collapsing real estate market means declining property value– putting the likes of Mr. I Get Money 50 Cent and Jesus Piece genius Kanye West in rough situations.

#PEEP The Forbes.Com Video Report Speaking on the Topic

— @allthingmitch

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