Snapshot: Multitude 2010 Photoshoot Preview

MultitudeNYC— In preparation for the exciting launch of a new and exclusive line of Multitude apparel– including a fresh set of graphic Tees, Rotten Apple longsleeves, craved cotton sweaters, and limited addition fitted caps– the team set up shop under the shining sun and sparkling skyline overlooking the beautiful Highline Rails in the legendary Meatpacking district of New York City.

Myself (Mitch), Charmso, Bossman Rich, Bola the Mega Boi, and the crew showed love and kicked off a great beginning to something special in the making. Mega Boi orchestrated the shoot, capturing a variety of looks and maximizing the abundance of energy in the atmosphere. We caught some great looks, shared plenty of laughs, discussed the powerful potential and growth of Multitude–ending the day of shooting anxious to reveal the new products to the masses.

“With life being on its ends and new beginings happening all the time, I appreciate those moments of everyday expression. Yesterday Multitude x Charm So!– ” it was magic” with help from Multitude staff, this shoot was great. High-line rails, beautiful weather, and Bola tha Mega Boi. He created and saw threw every obstacle of imagery thus” M A K I N G I T H A P P E N–I See Multitude Going Very Far .. Keep on the look out for Multitude Fall 2010 collection in stores near you” —CharmSo VP

Big Rich took some candid shots of the Rails and set ups–CharmSo posed in his patented look–And I hopped into the action as well.

#PEEP some quick shots from Wednesday:

Bola x SS x Mitch x CharmSo!

Highline Rails #1 (Above) & #2 (Below)

#StayTuned for the New 2010 Line and Official Photos



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  1. Dope site u guys have here

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