Fit for Summer: FITBIKE BMX 2010 Lineup

As summer temperatures travel into new heights and public transportation traps too much heat to stay healthy–BMX riders have the upperhand in both recreation and relaxation. Testing out tricks and mastering moves  for miles of Metropolitan landscapes makes for a festive sun season and a reason to roll out in proper fashion.

FITBIKE Co. released a 2010 collection of durable, stylish, high-quality BMX Bikes that are sure bets for beasting the blocks this summer. The collection includes the TRL Signature Series, PRK Signature Series, and limited edition STR Signature Series.

#Peep the bikes below: (Row 1: TRL; Row 2: PRK; Row 3: STR)






#Check more of the FITBIKE Colletion : HERE



2 Responses to “Fit for Summer: FITBIKE BMX 2010 Lineup”

  1. Lovin it- Fit bike Co make some quality goods- My recommendation would be the Van Homan Signature Bike, or any of the signature series top of the line models. I had a Van Homan- It was durable, reliable, and very strong. If Van can ride it- i’m sure anybody can. He has one of the most epic bmx street sections ever- and it was made 6 years ago- peep it here:

    Nice post and Stay Fit!

  2. Oh yes- I just watched his newest material- very Ill in comparison to his old stuff- Music isn’t the hottest- but def peep.

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