High Stakes: Montel Williams Lobbying to Legalize Medical Marijuana in NY

Passion, power, and sympathy–the undertoned fuel which drove the words spoken by former Award-Winning Daytime talk-show host Montel Williams– between a countless slate of guests grappling with issues ranging from life-threatening illness, familial disaster, domestic abuse, the loss or disconnect of loved ones, to couples fighting to salvage marriage.

Now–his critical and more political eye is turned toward the national dispute over the legalization of medicinal marijuana. A long-time spokesperson for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease that severely pains the brain and spinal chord which Williams has been diagnosed with for years, Montel has been using medicinal marijuana to reduce his daily neurotic pain, and claims so many others should have access to the drug just as prescription pills and other opiums are given to heal pain from other illnesses.

Already legal in the state of California, Williams has spent the past few weeks lobbying in New York City for the passing of a bill that will allow legally diagnosed individuals legal access to purchase and use marijuana for prescribed symptoms. The decision would be historic on many fronts and add more fire to a fierce battle over the legal right to smoke marijuana throughout the United States.

#PEEP the videos below:

#Change #Understand — @allthingsmitch

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