New Release: Sam Wilkes: Booth EP [Release Party]

Saturday night solified the emergence of a new dub-step dynasty in the form of METAMIMATIC Records and the anticpated fan-flooded release party of Producer/DJ Sam Wilkes’ sophmore debut and freshman EP Sam Wilkes: Booth. A commited college crowd of hipsters, hot-steppers, fun-fueled ladies, and care-free spirits alike celebrated a futuristic fusion of Hip Hop/Electro/Experimental/Modern Motown music–Performances included the talented emcee trio Warm Brew, the Avalon Don DJ Sweet FA, Avedon, and crew of others.

 Monday marked the official release of the eclectric EP crafted by this genre-bending, soul-inspired superkid.  #AvantGarde

#PEEP Pics from the Release Party:

Download The EP Here: Sam Wilkes: Booth



One Response to “New Release: Sam Wilkes: Booth EP [Release Party]”

  1. […] and finally, today Sam Wilkes and Metamimetic received their first blog feature on MultitudeNYC, a New York based blog who wrote an on point wrap up of Saturday’s rager, as well as bigging […]

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