Get Lifted: Bobby Bonaparte & Skate Lift [Montage Included]

Many often question the pure passion of young degree-earning scholars exiting top tier institutions to fearlessly pursue a dream that boldly cuts away from corporate careers and manuevers far beyond most expected elevations–However, as each moment is a privilege and we each are granted only one life to chase our visions– the hustle is always now or never.

For Northwest born and Cali-crafted Street Skater/Entrepreneur Bobby Bonaparte— a distinguished Liberal Arts Degree from Occidental College in Los Angeles provides an incredibly reliable grounding to land firm upon in the unlikely case his steady grind falls from the highlife–though those odds are less than likely.

Beginning in the early years of Bobby’s college career, he followed his artistic talents and launched SkateLift Clothing (which he independently designed & printed from home)  ignited a later inspiration to unite a gifted collective of local scaters and establish the SKATE LIFT–his growing group of trick-heavy skatekids who can be seen skying over steep staircases and park benches throughout Sunny Southern California.

#PEEP The SkateLift Team Montage:




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