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FASHION FORWARD: Celebrity Stylist Renaldo Nehemiah [@Renaldonehemiah]

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RENALDO NEHEMIAH (RenaldoNehemiah.Com)— Hailed as one of the top fashion stylists in the industry.From His success to his love for fashion. Renaldo’s clients range from industry elites such as Ludacris, to mainstream entertainers who include Chingy, Yelawolf, Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild, Jagged Edge, Cheri Dennis, Tisha Campbel-Martin, Tasha Smith, the DTP Family, and Eva Pigford– to name a few.

His credentials are supported by an array of exclusive fashion events like the Music Fuse and Fashion show which took place in August of 2006 in Atlanta– where he created some of the hottest looks for Vibe Magazine, Macy’s, and The UPN network. His works have graced the pages of Vibe Magazine (December 2006 issue) and have been featured in chart topping videos such as the remix of DJ Khaled’s “I’m so Hood”. Nehemiah has been blessed to work behind the scenes for what’s known as “The Industries Best Dressed Label” -The GOODMUSIC/ HUSTLE Management Team where some of the most creative, trendsetting artists such as Kanye West have called home. Renaldo Nehemiah will soon become a household name within the entertainment and fashion industry as the demand for fresh and innovative stylists grows. Nehemiah says that he’s “not just a stylist but also the future of industry executives”-and with such an already impressive track record, you can not doubt him. So if you feel the need to get that fresh, new, exclusive look from head to toe, Renaldo Nehemiah is your go to guy.

Renaldo Nehemiah also Co-Hosts the new raw radio-show “N Da Crib” alongside his comrade  Cristal The Great–delivering dynamic discussions, exclusive interviews, special and surprise guests, as well as the latest in news and pop culture.

#TuneIn Mon-Thurs 6pm ET (Atlanta)

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#NowReading: Born To Use Mics–Reading Nas’ Illmatic

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Written By: Michael Eric Dyson

(Via Daily Mathematics):

Released in the twilight of rap’s golden era, Illmatic is widely considered to be the greatest hip hop album of all time and is frequently held as the yardstick by which all other contenders are measured. Illmatic was also one of the most anticipated albums, dropping three years after Nas’s breakout introduction on “Live at the Barbeque” and subsequent tracks (“Halftime” from the Zebrahead soundtrack and “Back to the Grill” off MC Serch’s solo debut). During this period of eager hope, Nasir bin Olu Dara earned praise as the second coming of Rakim, with bits of Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip, Chuck D and Slick Rick notably embedded in his style. Before he even dropped his album, Nas – a teenager at the time – was viewed as a hip hop prophet. At twenty years of age, Nas released Illmatic, epitomizing the expression “show and prove.” Over fifteen years after its release, Illmatic continues to engulf fervent discussions in contemporary rap circles. Borrowing its title from a line in “N.Y. State of Mind”, Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas’s Illmatic is the first in a series of anthologies centered on classic rap records.

A literary scrapbook of sorts, Born to Use Mics observes Illmatic through a panoramic lens, with a roster of talented writers taking an all-encompassing snapshot of the making and meaning behind Nas’s ’94 opus. Various broad-reaching topics are pulled from lyrical portions throughout the album. For instance, author James Braxton Peterson uniquely dissects “The World Is Yours”; drawing upon the song’s Scarface reference, Braxton assesses the analogous term “dead presidents”, describes the crack epidemic and critiques American hyper-capitalism. Similarly, Sohail Daulatzai – who is also co-editor of the book – interprets “N.Y. State of Mind” in the “post-9/11 world”, discussing American imperialism. Daulatzai points out in the introduction: “While Born to Use Mics is about exploring hip-hop through Illmatic, it’s also about exploring America through Illmatic, reflected and refracted through the prism of Nas’s poignant street poetry.”

Many of the authors’ perspectives on the album feature a political tinge, some more well-fitting than others. Discussing “One Love”, for example, Michael Eric Dyson’s criticism of America’s prison industry paired with an honest narrative of his brother’s incarceration comes across as both poignant and appropriate. On the other hand, Kyra Gaunt’s entry on “One Time 4 Your Mind” which examines gender identity and conflict, while valuable, draws more from Nas’s “I Can” music video than anything else. Consequently, her feminist dissertation – while relevant to “Nas” as an overarching topic – has nothing to do with the song it’s meant to discuss and feels more than a bit out of place.

As an anthology on the same subject with contributions from various writers, repetition isn’t uncommon. The advantage of a book like Matthew Gasteier’s Illmatic entry in the 33 1/3 book series is the singular flow of one author covering the album. Many of the contributors to Born to Use Mics rehash the same ideas frequently. For instance, Nas’s jazz-based influence from his father, Olu Dara, is commonly and repeatedly cited. At the same token, Born to Use Mics benefits from a wealth of diverse perspectives. Reading Nas’s Illmatic, with its symposium format, earns its title appropriately as each essay reflects upon the album’s impact on the writer’s life. Analyzing the lyrics of “Life’s a Bitch”, for instance, Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr.’s essay on father/son relationships titled “Time is Illmatic: A Song for My Father, A Letter to My Son” offers a true-to-form presentation of Nas’s work that’s as universal as it is personal.

Of course Born to Use Mics digs deep into the music itself as well. Marc Lamont Hill recounts the historically contextual release of “Halftime”, Nas’s debut single. Mark Anthony Neal, in his essay on “Memory Lane”, discusses the intergenerational “bridging of the gap” between jazz and hip hop. Adilifu Nama pens a thorough discussion on the 1:45-long intro “Genesis” (interestingly enough, the last track recorded for Illmatic), focusing on its cryptically-revealing dialogue and the significance of its Wild Style influence. In addition to the song-by-song essays on the album’s track listing though, Born to Use Mics also features a hodgepodge of interviews, narratives and magazine write-ups – including The Source’s notorious 5 Mic review on Illmatic, written by Shortie (you might know her as Miss Info). The book closes out with an interview with Bobbito Garcia offering first-person accounts you’ll only find here.

Bottom line: Folks who love Illmatic will want to pick up a copy of Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas’s Illmatic to gain an even greater appreciation for Nas’s artistry – a brilliant companion to a brilliant album. And to the others who just don’t get it, you’ll need to pick this up in order to understand why you’re dead wrong. Because really, it ain’t hard to tell.



Camera Ready: Snapshots–Marc Cartwright Photography @mcphotog

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Los Angeles based photo-phenomena Marc Cartwright has creatively captured a catalog of top-tier celebrities– crafting stunning settings which propel his picture taking talents to new dimensions. Exercising a keen and abstract eye for both elegant and rugged stills separates Cartwright from his collective counterparts placing a unique and unmatched quality to his artistic works.

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Multitude OnDeck: Ashaya Robinson @lamontmarcus @itsmeashaya

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This Atlanta-born songbird hums angelic melodies inspired by many of soul music’s greatest live vocalists–igniting a powerful sound embodying an apparent depth required to withstand the demanding notes of a classic love ballad–yet fragile and versatile enough to harmonize the everyday experiences of the average adolescent woman. Emerging into the realm of rising artists to watch–Ashaya’s vision to shed light and sing sincere stories from her soul for the world to engage makes this SoulStar a special seed planted into the soil of popular music–the next step is watching her grow. #PEEP our OnDeck interview:

OnDeck: Ashaya Robinson

Name: Ashaya
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Current City: Washington DC (Graduate of Howard University– B.A in Radio Television– concentration in Film Production)
Genre: R&B
Members(If Group): SOLO
Website: and

(Multitude) Q: Who are your Influences?:

(ASHAYA): Musically– soulful powerhouse singers. I have always loved to hear the power and strength in someone’s voice. I would emulate singers like Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Patti LaBelle–all my favorite singers. I think the common thread with each of these ladies is that they can stand on the stage with just a mic on a stand and deliver an incredible performance. I didn’t really have vocal training until my teens, so I would study these artist’s. I would listen to the studio recorded version of a song– learn that from back to front– then find a live version of the same song to study the way they would sing it then. My dad also influenced my appreciation for all different types of music. He introduced me to most of the “timeless pieces”– my favorite songs like Love Love Love by Donny Hathaway, Mothership Connection by Parliament, and introduced me to jazz greats like Charlie Parker to Public Enemy. I’ve been blessed to have very eclectic sounds in my house growing up.

(Multitude): Q: What Inspires your music?

(ASHAYA): I would say that real life inspires my music–more specifically, my album Jukebox Remedy is a real life story. When I first sat down and decided I really wanted to go forth with recording a full length album, I knew that it had to be something I would listen to. So I started putting a playlist of some of my favorite songs together and analyzed them trying to figure out what made that song amongst my list of favorite songs. What I found that each song had in common was all stemming from a real emotion– a true story– something I could relate to, if not personally, in some way indirectly. I set out to make music that people relate to, that simply reflects life. Honest emotions inspire my music.

(Multitude) Q: What is themessage behind your music?:

(ASHAYA): I honestly just want to make positive music. The message is that every situation is meant to be– leading you into the next phase of your life better prepared.

(Multitude) Q: What do you bring to the World of Music?:

(ASHAYA): I think I bring a different sound to the world of music. Although I have certainly been influenced by each of the amazing artists I afore mentioned, I think I have been able to fuse everything I love from different genres into my music–in such a way that it creates something totally unique to myself.

(Multitude) Q: Independent or Major?:

(ASHAYA):  Independent ( difficult yet rewarding when it comes to the creative process)

(Multitude) Q: Love/Hate The Current State of Music? Why?:

(ASHAYA): (Ummm…) I think it is a love/hate relationship for me actually. I have never been someone to speak badly on someone else’s art form–if that’s what you do more power to you– However, I do wish that there were more artists highlighted who take an interest in what is going on in their own communities. [There’s] Nothing wrong with having a good time– So i’m not knocking club music. But music is also supposed to ignite and inspire change and forward movement. I have a song on my album called Beauty in Me that I hope inspires a certain level of confidence in one’s self that I believe is necessary to really reach all that you aspire to be.

(Multitude) Q: Projects Available/Coming Soon?:

(ASHAYA): My debut single, “XOXO” is available for download and my album JukeBox Remedy will be available at the end of August.

(Multitude) Q: Would Love to work with?:

(ASHAYA): I would love to work with Diane Warren, she is one of the most amazing songwriters I’ve ever heard of. I would also love to work with Brandy as a vocal arranger on a song–she truly has an incredible ear for vocal arrangement.

(Multitude) Q: Goals:

(ASHAYA): I just want to make timeless music–something that can be appreciated now but doesn’t depreciate in value later.

(Multitude) Q: This journey/process has taught me______?:

(ASHAYA): This journey in following my dream to be a singer/songwriter has taught me that it is not for the faint of heart. Off stage i’m a very reserved/ quiet person. My mom told me when I was discussing with her my plans to release an album, that I should be ready to have thick skin, and that everybody is not going to be your biggest fan. Some people will act as though they are while you’re experiencing success–but the moment you stumble they are no where in sight. She just told me to be aware of that. Going after this career has really taught me to be confident and believe in myself and the talent and will power that God has granted me.

(Multitude) Q: Advice/Encouragement for others:

(ASHAYA): If you don’t believe in you….then that’s step one. Be confident, yet humbled enough to hear constructive criticism.

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Smoke In The Heir: Wiz Khalifa–Never Been [NEW VIDEO] @therealwizkhalifa

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#PEEP the new video for Never Been from Mr. Paper Planes  and Taylor Gang lieutenant Wiz Khalifa –featured on his highly acclaimed street success Kush & Orange Juice. Wiz’s candid wordplay and G-inspired penmanship place him among the top artists to arrive and finally receive his just due.




Roger That: Tyga ft. Lil Wayne–Im On It [NEW VIDEO] @tyga

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#PEEP the new video for the raw anthem-ready record I’m On It from Young Money misfit Tyga featuring bars from Big Brother Lil Wayne–Feeling the success of the Chris Brown assisted Fan of a Fan Mixtape and a newly established rapport between the Cash Money kid and once-skeptical critics alike shows signs that Tyga is earning his stripes and next to let loose alongside label mate Nikki Minaj.


Run This Town: Wyclef Jean Officially Announces His Run for President of Haiti

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THIS JUST  IN: It’s OFFICIAL Wyclef JeanGrammy Award-Winning superstar and passionate public advocate of the relief efforts in disaster-stricken Haiti– announces he will be running for the Presidency of his birthplace with hope and confidence that his efforts will empower and rebuild a people victims of over 200 years of severe hardship. Jean states in his CNN announcement that he views his entrance in the political race as his being “elected” by the youth and suffering people of his homeland.

#PEEP the CNN Interview/Announcement:

#POWER!! #HealHaiti